Zinc Oxide Grades and The Usage in Medicine

Zinc oxide is a white powder of oxidized zinc that comes from the mineral zincite. This is being widely used to create cosmetics, personal products, and specifically sunscreen since it can protect the skin from UV radiation. But zinc oxide grades can also be used as medicinal ointment for skin problems.

Zinc Oxide in Ointment

Beside the capability of protecting the skin from harmful UV radiation, zinc oxide also has the quality to prevent and treat minor skin problems like diaper rash for babies, cuts and even burns. That is why zinc oxide grades is being used to make ointment for skin irritations.

If you want to use ointment with zinc oxide grades, you need to know that this is only for external use so make sure you don’t get the ointment into your mouth in any way. Follow the direct instructions on the label and wash your hand before and after using it.

While using ointment with zinc oxide grades, do not cover the irritated area with bandages unless your doctor told you to. Regarding the use of this for children, please consult your pediatrician since medicine with zinc oxide may be prescribed.

Side Effects

Before taking any ointment with zinc oxide, you need to consult with your doctor first because even though any interactions are not expected, but you still need to tell you doctor if you are recently or currently take any medicine or supplements.

Also, you need to tell your doctor about your other habits that could interact with zinc oxide grades like smoking, drinking alcohol, and even the use of illegal drugs. If you’re clear, the side effects that could occur are usually only when you are allergic to the ointment like skin rash, itching, hives, and swelling. 

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