The Job Function of a Barista

Are you curious about the job function of a barista? For those of you who love coffee so much, it might at least once cross your mind about the responsibility of a barista. Is their job only about making and serving a good cup of coffee? Keep reading to find out all the jobs of this profession.

Making and Serving Coffee

Baristas’ first and main job is making and serving coffee for customers. If the coffee shop they are working at also serves other beverages like ice chocolate, green tea latte, and so on, they should also be able to make and serve those beverages as well. Even some baristas also take care of making and serving snacks.

Each coffee shop serves their coffee in their own different ways. Some fully use coffee machines while some others still use manual methods. There are also coffee shops that use both. Therefore, it is important for a barista to be knowledgeable about making coffee with both coffee machines and manual methods.

Maintaining and Cleaning Espresso Machines

Besides being able to use an espresso machine, a barista is also responsible for taking care and cleaning the espresso machine. Cleaning such a machine should be done carefully so that it will not break down. For example, a portafilter should be soaked in hot water for around 30 minutes after use.

It is also different in cleaning a steam wand. This compartment should be clean all the time. So, a barista should wipe the steam wand with a damp, clean cloth after using it. And the cloth should not be used for cleaning other compartments.

Explaining and Suggesting Menu

The next job function of a barista is explaining and suggesting coffee or menu to customers. Some customers have their own favourite coffee so that they will most likely order it every time they go to a coffee shop. But there are also customers who do not know what to order as they are not a coffee addict or want to try something new.

Therefore, a barista should also be able to explain and suggest a menu to those customers. When a customer asks about a recommended beverage, a barista must be able to explain in detail about it. Or if a customer would like them to recommend a menu, a barista should ask about their personal taste so that they can recommend one according to their taste.

Are you still curious about baristas’ job function?

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